Laurvig Glassworks (Norway) operated in the period 1900-1926. The markings that stand for Laurvig Glassworks are embossed 'Laurvig' of the circle shape on the seal button and dotted letter 'L' on the seal button.

There has also been seen a dotted 'L' marked float with an embossed 6-end star (formed by 3 embossed lines that cross) to the right of the letter.

Glass floats made at Laurvig Glassworks that we came across are of 2 - 5 inches in diameter. There are also egg-shaped floats produced at Laurvig to come across marked as dotted L.

A float marked as dotted 'L' with an embossed 6-end star. From Kurt Ohm's collection.

A 4,5" in diameter olive glass float. Marked as dotted 'L' (similarly stamped as in the photo above, but without the star) on the sealing button. The dotted letter is larger and more rare to come across on this one than on the majority of the Laurvig floats. It may indicate that this float is an earlier example.

Marked as dotted 'L' on the sealing button. Light olive green glass. Sized as 3 inches in diameter. With newer hemp netting on it.

A light green float made at the Laurvig Glassworks. Light green glass color. Sized as 3 inches in diameter.

Dotted 'L' marked float 3,5" in diameter. The color is green-olive.

3,5" in diameter moderate green 'L' marked float.

Dotted 'L' marked glass float. Sized as 4" in diameter. Green. Hemp netting.

Dotted 'L' marked float. Light green.  Sized as 4" in diameter. With original hemp netting.

Dotted 'L' marked float. The size is 4,5" in diameter. Clear glass. Nylon netting.

Dotted 'L' glass float. Sized as 4,5" in diameter. Aquamarine color. Hemp netting.

Marked as dotted 'L' of the 5" size in diameter. The color is light green/aquamarine. Hemp netting.

'L' dotted mark on this 5 inch aquamarine float. With nylon netting.

Dotted 'L' marked float of the olive-amber color. Sized as 5" in diameter.

'Laurvig' marked green glass float. This marking is quite rare to see. The picture was kindly provided by Todd, a collector from the US.